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Hello and it's so nice to be back! Chelsea asked me to come back and share some details of the wedding with you so I will share some sources and ideas, alongside other neat stuff.

Now about the wedding: I will say simply that while it was fantastic, and lots of fun, I am so glad that it's in the past. I am not, it turns out, the best candidate for parading around in a white dress in front of a hundred plus friends. So while I feel super happy looking at the photos and hearing from friends that it was the best wedding ever, elopement would have been just fine by me.

In the photo above, Z and I were making our way to the big barn for dinner. It had started to rain a bit and we had just said to each other "should we try to figure out how to dance?". 


  1. I am seriously crazy over this photo. I like your thoughts about the wedding. I’d venture to say I’d feel the same way. But it did turn out so lovely and looks like it was a fairly intimate, and quite personal event.

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