1. Beautiful. And it screams fall. This reminds me – my next door neighbor’s peach tree (yep, a peach tree in Massachusetts) is full of fruit and I want to get a shot of it…

  2. I have a wild apple tree in my back yard and every branch is so weighed down with apples right now that they are touching the ground! We just can’t eat them fast enough! We also have a wild plum tree, both of them are really beautiful.

  3. This photo reminds me of a fairy tale! I just love polaroid photographs – did you take this particular one? I just blogged about some of Nicole Hill’s polaroid photos today, so I did a little research about this photography medium. This may be old news, but did you know that polaroid film will not be produced anymore starting in the Spring? I am beside myself with sadness 🙁 However, I found a website devoted to continued production of polaroid film – here is the url if you or any or your readers are interested: http://www.savepolaroid.com/

  4. I’m so fascinated when one can take a polaroid camera and shoot a beautiful scene like this. We have a polaroid with lots of extra film and I wish I could figure out how to do this myself.

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