1. i used to joke that i could buy 90% of my wardrobe at j crew and be perfectly happy, but then i bought my wedding dress there, so i think it’s now 100%!

  2. I’m with you. If I could afford it!

    But then again, their pieces are quite timeless, so I wouldn’t have to buy a new wardrobe every year…

  3. I could definitely wear it everyday–since I think I’ve been wearing it most days for 20 years! It all started in 7th grade with rugby…!

  4. yeah, beautiful and out of my size!!! i’m going to buy a couple of pieces for sure though – matchstick cords and leather flats that i’ve had my eye on! i bought some jcrew coats on clearance last winter and can’t wait to break them out again!

  5. last time i checked they were out of stock, but there’s more sizes now! hmmm, decisions, decisions. did you grab one for yourself?

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