j.crew jeans


If these new jeans from J.Crew fit and feel anything like their linen trousers I just purchased in a similar style, then I may have a new favorite jean. I just wish they came in a shorty length.


  1. Sometimes J Crew knocks one out of the ball park. Seriously, these look perfect.

    Thanks for sharing. Must run to J Crew now!

  2. There is a really good little alteration shop about 2 or 3 blocks from your house. They altered a pair of jeans for me within a few hours for about $10. It is on the south side of the Presbyterian Church.

  3. seeing as i work at j crew i thought i would add my two cents 1)yes these jeans are fabulous, and they also come in a darker wash that is tremendously flattering
    2) amanda i doubt you got this specific style (high heel flare) a year ago since we just got it in the store within the last month or two 🙂
    2) most j crew stores will hem stuff for 5-10 dollars, i know mine does (and if you have a j crew card it’s free)

  4. ahh these look great. And I agree about the short length! The Gap stopped making my size in ankle length in my favorite fit, such a dis to short people, jerks. I love Uniqlo because they do free alterations in 24 hours when you buy their jeans!

  5. I have these and love them. I’m 5’10”, but if you have a JCrew card, they do basic alterations for free (get them hemmed at no charge!) I too have a special place in my heart for JCrew.

  6. Thanks for the info, Laura! I used to get things altered at J.Crew. I’ll have to check if they still do it. Can’t wait to try these on.

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