i love mankind mag


Over the weekend I received my Mankind Mag. The hipster part of me loves it and the Martha in me loves it too. It is definitely going to fill the void I’ve been feeling at the magazine stand lately. It’s clever, fun and hip but very accessible. Go download one here. Or even better, purchase a real copy. This is something I am so excited about, I’ve been carrying it around in my bag so I can show people:) Yes, I am geeky like that.


  1. too funny! I received mine on Saturday and have been carting it around in my purse too 🙂 I love it and can’t wait to see the next issue, and the next, and the next!

  2. I got mine too! I read it under blue skies and with a cup of tea. It’s so clean and fresh- utterly delightful! also, I’m so happy to stumble across another portland blogger!*a

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