snippet & ink: party idea #3

Iced Tea Party

I adore tea
parties. When I was eight, my mother put together a tea party for my
friends. Guests were asked to bring a doll or teddy bear, and when they
arrived, the girls and their toy companions received a straw hat
decorated with silk flowers. While we sat and drank tea with petits
fours and cucumber sandwiches, the dolls and bears sat at their own
table with a miniature tea set and treats. I never grew out of loving
tea parties. One of my favorite places to go when I was at school in
New York was Alice’s Tea Cup
with my girlfriends, and I still enjoy having tea at a hotel with my
mom and sister. But traditional, formal, hot High Tea is too much for
summer, so I thought I’d translate it into a rustic, laid-back, outdoor
iced tea buffet.

Click here for a party plan and details.

Top row from left: pies from Brides, biscuits from Jupiter Images, flowers via Dreamhouse, photo from Country Living

Row 2: lavender in mason jar photo by Jose Villa, flavored syrups from Martha Stewart, sandwiches via Design Mom, photo from Domino via Brown Turtleneck Sweater   

Row 3: iced tea photo from Getty Images, raspberries from Jupiter Images, jam jars from Martha Stewart Weddings via Once Wed’s flickr, flower photo by Kimberlee Miller

Row 4: calligraphy by Linea Carta, roses photo from Jupiter Images, books photo from iStockphoto

By Kathryn Storke of Snippet & Ink

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