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Hello. I have a little piece of news to share. After hemming and hawing over it for several months, I recently decided to take the freelance leap to pursue a jumble of creative endeavors (see here). Part of that includes Frolic!. I am hoping to devote more time to this space without smothering you with posts, boring you to death with long interviews, harassing you with contests, or over-analyzing your every move. I love interacting with readers but I don’t think about what you might or might not like when I post something. I started this blog simply as a way to purge all the lovely things I come across and I didn’t really care if someone was going to read it or not.

Now you are all here (so happy that you are!) and also there is a huge blog-mania (my Google Reader is overflowing), I think it is only right that if I want to stay true to my organic philosophy, I ask you if there is anything at all you’d like me to change or something you’d like to see more of in this place (even if it is a contest or two) to keep it from getting stale. Let me know your thoughts, questions, opinions if you care to. And, thanks for being here. I adore you.

Photo is from last weekend. My nieces and nephews were in town for a visit and we had quite a fun time in the Ace Hotel photobooth.


  1. frolic is lovely and perfect and that sounds very parallel to my recent decisions- not too mention my niece and nephew are visiting as well- and we are having the best time!

  2. You’re obviously doing the right thing. Just stay the course and keep the good stuff coming!

    Sometimes, I hae a hard time not commenting on every single post – they’re all so pretty and perfect and your sense of style is unparalleled.

  3. Congratulations! I am a heretofore lurker and would like to say I will be thrilled to have more posts on frolic to look at and enjoy. Thanks for the great work you do, and don’t worry about smothering with too many… no such thing!

  4. I’ve got the same problem as Jane–I want to comment on every one of your posts. Keep up whatever you’re doing, because you’re doing everything exactly right!

  5. I couldnt be more happy with your news!!! Congrats..what a dream! I love your format currently..a mix of wonderful topics. I love the vintage photos you’ve been posting lately and the fact that they have a personal connection makes them that much better. Keep it all coming. I check back a few times a day so its always nice to see something new. Its my break from creative overload.
    Congratulations again!

  6. Good for you! I can’t see how new posts every day could get boring or stale. I may not comment on everything you post, but I truly enjoy it – even if it’s a simple photo.

  7. Congratulations! There must be something in the air, I am leaving my job to pursue creative endeavors that have been in my mind and heart for years! Best of luck – I love your blog, I am glad you can devote more time to it.

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