fairy parties


I love the idea of a Fairy Party for little girls. My friend Marianne wrote a book for children about all the different fairies from around the world. It also has different activities in it like how to make a fairy wand and how to train to be a fairy. It’s totally cute and she even visits parties to give readings and fairy trainings. The party above is from Cookie Magazine.


  1. I actually gasped when I saw the first of these pictures. What a wonderful, wonderful idea! Now…where can I get my hands on some children to do this with…

    Can’t you see a child’s fairy party paired with an adult’s garden party or a lady’s afternoon tea-in-the-garden party?

  2. I really believed in fairies when I was younger. I had flower fairy wallpaper and used to write long, long letters to the tooth fairy ask lots of technical questions about being a fairy. A day like these would have made me so happy!

  3. Fun! In Maine there is a private island called Squirrel Island where there are these amazing fairy forests where the kids build these little homes etc with twigs & moss & rocks for the fairies! It’s really neat!

  4. My sister and I have a small business in Fresno, California called “Fairy Parties.” We appear at parties (for both young and old) as faeries. We have so much fun. The looks on the faces of the children we appear for is priceless. It’s a day they, and we, will always remember.

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