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I didn’t get into Sex and the City until a couple of years ago and then I was obsessed (mostly with Aiden). Now, I kind of think Carrie is annoying and that the movie will be dumb, but I am still excited to go out with girlfriends and see it. I love Charlotte’s dress in this photo. People always tell me I am Charlotte (just because we were both Art History majors and like to pretend to be prudish? I am not sure.) Which character are you?


  1. If I had to be one of them, I the only one I could be is Miranda. Charlotte is too nice, Samantha is too, well, Samantha, and Carrie is too indecisive (at least to be me).

  2. Some of my friends tell me I’m like Samantha, but I don’t feel like a Samantha. Because who is really like that woman?!? I believe most women are a combo of Carrie’s 3 friends. Maybe I’m 35% Samantha, 32% Miranda and 33% Charlotte. We should come up with a SATC litmus test… That might be taking a bit far as I’m not a big fan of the show any more either.

  3. I agree. Aidan was the whole reason I started watching. Mostly because I loved Northern Exposure so much. You’ll enjoy the movie if you go in expecting it to suck…

  4. One of my friends assigned us all characters the other night, and I was deemed Miranda. I have no idea why, because I was always a little scared of Miranda, but in the last season or two she had some of the best outfits AND I loved Cynthia Nixon’s black Calvin Klein from the London Premiere , so I’m pretty much fine with it. But still. I think I’m like Steve, Miranda’s boybund.

  5. Oh, thank goodness someone said it. I was so tired of everyone crediting Carrie as their favorite character without even thinking it over.

    I followed a similar pattern with SATC – I used to just love it, but while watching it a couple years later, I found Carrie to be quite annoying, and – dare I say it? – shallow. I know, I know, the whole show wasn’t exactly based on depth of content. But by the finale, all of the other three seemed to have grown over the course of the seasons to be much less selfish and had learned the concept of giving; meanwhile, Carrie… had not. It was like, just for once, do something for someone else (who is not one of your closest friends).

    Anyhoo, I’d say I’m a bit of Charlotte and a bit of Miranda.

  6. I think I’m more of a Carrie, but probably just because I see her as a combination of the other three a bit with her own personality thrown in. 🙂

    I’m actually kind of excited for the movie. I’ve heard good things about it, but I think the show will be tainted for me if it’s terrible and corny, which is definitely a possibility.

  7. i think i’m a combination of carrie and charlotte, with a slight sprinkling of miranda. i bought my tickets on fandango tonight and i’m excited to go see it tomorrow with girlfriends as well. if nothing else, it should be a visual feast!

  8. I want to be Carrie because she is a writer and I have always wanted to be a writer. But not the kind of writer that writes one question about love and then stares off into space and calls it a column.

  9. i would be charlotte because of her preppy-style (love that dress) and my husband likes her the most, or at least that’s what he says ;).

  10. i’d say i’m most like charlotte (who knows what my friends would say, though). i’m conflicted about this movie – i want to see it, yet i feel like it’s being shoved down my throat (and there’s certainly pressure to see it this weekend, before all the spoilers are everywhere). i loved the tv show, but there are so many product tie-ins for this movie i’m half expecting a sex and the city happy meal.

    that is all 🙂

  11. haha. i agree that carrie is annoying. i cringe every time i hear her monologue “i couldn’t help but wonder…” i love charlotte and miranda.

  12. Miranda.
    You know, it’s weird. I loved this show, but now, I don’t know. Maybe I just grew up in the last 4 years, or maybe the world changed, or both. But now it seems sort of shallow and insipid… or at least thats how the movie looks. I’m seeing the movie, but not expecting to like it that much (maybe low expectations will help).

    And I *love* that dress.

  13. I would have to say a little bit of all them- although I am not sure of Samantha-except when it comes to the way she protects her heart. I Only got into it watching reruns the last few years. But I have admit to leaning a lot about myself from watching the show.

    but my favorite Characters is Miranda!

  14. apparently I’m a Miranda. No matter how much I plead that I’m not that cynical, everyone who knows me and the show says, “Miranda.”

    I don’t actually plan on seeing it in theatres. It was a shallow show, and my main interest in the film is the clothing – an equally shallow reason. I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD, and pore through all the stills on IMDB to get what I need in the meantime.

    huh. Is that a rather Miranda-esque response?

  15. My story is very similar with regard to the show – as for which girl I am… I identify with all of them really but I think people would say I am most like Charlotte.

  16. I think I’m probably a Charlotte, too. Which isn’t a bad thing, because she’s the only one I can half way tolerate. The show does make me a bit crazy, but I’ll admit, I’m going to see the movie for the clothes and my addiction to Vogue magazine. And it’s a good chance to spend time with my girlfriends.

  17. ha…i’ve been accused of being miranda-ish as well…never sugar coating things…i’m very much a realist (not a cynic) – even when that’s not what people want to hear 🙂 then feeling bad about not telling people what they wanted to hear. although later – most of my friends thank me for being straight w/ them when everyone else just coddled them!

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