wedding style guide from australia




Thank you to the lovely, Emily! You’ve made my day! Emily discovered an Australian wedding publication that rivals Martha Stewart’s.  The website is so fresh, sweet and well-done, I can’t wait to get my hands on an issue. I keep saying I want to move to Australia because it is sunny and everything is more stylish there (this idea is based on the 5 Australian people I’ve met and the Donna Hay magazine). Here’s another tally mark for my theory.

P.S. They have lovely downloadable labels and tags. So fun!


  1. Jane,

    They say on their blog that it is now for sale in the U.S. Emily has sent them an email to find out where exactly it is for sale. Otherwise, I may suck up the shipping charges.

  2. you can find their issues sometimes at Barnes and Nobles…when I get back from my honeymoon I’m actually having a giveaway of a bunch of their issues…they’re wonderful eye candy!

  3. yes we aussies (specifically Melburnians) are terrifically well dressed, even if I do say so myself! if you ever get stuck ordering something from this sunburnt land to get to you feel free to drop me line. I absolutely love reading your blog!

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