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I don’t have a favorite flower but if I did the apple blossom might be it. Today I took my first inhale of spring blossoms and it was divine. I am praying that the rumors of snow this weekend are false (such a thing is unheard of here in April). I’ve always been a four seasons girl and I hate to be complainy about the weather but I’d lie if I didn’t say this winter has been really hard. I think I just need some time (like a few years) in a sunny place like Austin or Southern Cali to appreciate winter again. Austin is more my price range and plus it’s supposed to be just like Portland but with more sunshine. Does anyone know if this is true? {photo from here}


  1. austin is kind of like portland, i hadn’t thought of that. it’s not as beautiful, or it’s beautiful in a different way. but they’re both artsy, young and forward thinking places. come to texas! the sun is shining today!

  2. i lived in austin for four months a few years ago. i am an oregonian through and through. i had a hard time in austin. it is really, really hot in the summer, you can’t wear sandals because your feet are sweating so much you get blisters, you have to apply generous amounts of sunscreen and bug repellent everyday in order to leave the house, there are fire ants in the scratchy grass, which isn’t very green, cockroaches…etc… however, there are also some wonderful things about austin: great boutiques, amazing food (if you ever visit go to amy’s ice cream and get the mexican vanilla with fresh strawberries), totally different plants, the wonderfully refreshing cold Barton Springs… while i will never attempt to live there again, i do kind of want to visit, if only for the ice cream…

  3. They’re so pretty – such a welcome punctuation against the finally blue sky. My favourite flower is sweet pea, but I’m by no means exclusive. I think I’d run amok if I had a garden!

  4. I love Austin, but I would totally love to visit Portland one day. The summers here can be brutal, but snow isn’t something we typically worry about! Isn’t everyplace a tradeoff?!

  5. I just visited Austin for the first time a few days ago. I generally have a distinct dislike of all things Texas. However, I had a fantastic time in Austin. The weather was amazingly lovely, the countryside was beautiful, the city was very dynamic and fun. Pretty great place, in my opinion. Out friends did tell us that spring is one of the best times and summer can be miserably hot. While I can’t imagine moving down there, I’m all for another visit sometime soon. And Amy’s ice cream is to die for. Vanilla, bananas, strawberries and hot fudge. Perfect stop after burning yourself to a crisp at Barton’s Springs. 😉

  6. Since you’re only an hour away, you might want to consider heading out here to Hood River for Blossom Festival this weekend. Acres and acres of blooming fruit trees, adorable fruit, food and craft stands all over the place, and gorgeous views of the valley, rivers and mountains.

    Plus the Cherry Blossom Festival is happening 20 miles further east in The Dalles the following weekend. Guaranteed to be sunny. 🙂

    Sorry, I had to plug visiting the Gorge– I love living here that much!

  7. The call for snow this weekend had me a bit bummed, but as it seems to go here, the forecasts were a bit hyped. I’ve found Portland’s weather to be just right for me, but I know the endless gray gets a lot of people down.
    It’s funny, though, that you mentioned Austin – the other city that really pulled at me when we decided to move here last year. Austin is fun, creative, and gorgeous… but deadly hot in the summer. Deadly. You should visit and see for yourself, and make sure to stay at the San Jose on South Congress when you go. You won’t want to leave that place, regardless of the heat.

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