smeg dishwasher


In my dreams I have a dishwasher and it looks like this.


  1. The SMEG line of appliance has clean lines and lots of colours. They are iconic enough in Britain that in the Wallace and Gromit movie they have a SMUG fridge.

  2. ah yes, those adorable tiny dishwashers! i wouldn’t mind one, too, in orange (i think).

    if only our dishwashers and appliances were this cute!

  3. Some friends of my sisters got engaged and bought this exact (blue) dishwasher and matching fridge for each other as engagement presents. They look fabulous in their kitchen!

  4. ummm…. I have always been against dishwashers (I grew up with a mom who handwashed everything,) but this one is so stylish that I may break my vow to never use one! hahaha! Maybe I could just use it to look pretty in our new kitchen and to store dishes. 😉

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! I currently live without a dishwasher, garbage disposal, or microwave. It’s like the Stone Age at my apartment. I would love to bring this baby home!

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