oregano green


I love this green color. I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now but I was scared  of it because of the olive green from the ’70’s. Then, I read a post by Nick Olsen over on Domino where he called it Oregano! It’s amazing how the name of a color can completely change your perception of it.


  1. oh do it! I painted my dining room that color and LOOOVVVEE it! I wish I could get away with painting my bedroom the same but I think it’d be a little much in a small house.

  2. I have that color in my TV room, with chocolate brown trim. It’s fabulous, my favorite room in my whole house!

    I just planted some ‘lime basil’ in my garden tonight, and I think that would also be a fab name for a color!

  3. I am completely in the same boat. I remember being mortified by that color when it was in my granmother’s bathroom in the 80s/90s (she held onto it for so long!), but now I love it! I’m in a rental so I can’t paint, but it’s in my quilts and sheets and little accents all over.

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