mostly martha


I watched the German film, Mostly Martha a few weeks ago. I’ve seen it several times before but I always forget how much I love it. The set design is so clean and stark and white, it’s a beautiful film. It’s also a must see for any foodie. I am just going to pretend that America never re-made it.


  1. This is such a wonderful film. The American re-make, which I saw on a plane, was just awful. Why did they even bother?

  2. I absolutely love Mostly Martha for all the reasons you said and its beautiful subtlety. I saw the American version last week and it was an interesting take on the original, but sort of a travesty.

  3. amen. HIGHLY dislike the american. the german film IN german is the best. chelsea, wow it’s good to see you’re still alive! hope all is well.

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