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If you are in the midst of decorating, I might recommend reading these ten tips from decorators at Domino. I feel silly that it took me 4 months to realize this one (considering that I used to give this advice to event clients constantly):

4. work with what you’ve got: Play
up a room’s assets. If it has high ceilings, put up really tall
curtains. If it’s a dark box, don’t try to alter it—painting it bright
white will only make it seem dingy; instead, go for cozy

Duh! I need to decorate with cozy colors. I live in a dark box with practically no natural light. The watercolor palette is not going to work. Lots of people have asked me to post pictures of my apartment and I would love to when I have it finished or maybe even started. I was changing my mind practically daily about the choices until I realized the above. Now I can get to work with my teensy tiny budget:) Above are some of the new colors I am thinking about. I’ve tried out the spring green color and it makes the whole place pop. {pics from Domino}


  1. I’m not suggesting that you try the same colour, but in one of my previous homes I painted the hallway a dark, dark brown. The space had no natural light but it looked amazing… everyone was stunned at how good it looked, and had to eat their words for telling me how nuts I was for deciding to do it!!

  2. I have been in LOVE with that kitchen from Domino…trying to find a way to make it work with the orange granite countertops my husband put in before we were married….

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