I always laugh a little when I land on the website It’s a lovely little site filled with small handcrafted goodies and lots of wonderful art from Nikki McClure. It’s just a little strange for me because Olympia is my hometown. I never liked it there and I even feel embrassed revealing my origins to you. A lot of people regard it as a mecca of indie art and music (the band Sleater-Kinney is from there and named after a highway I frequented as a youth, Kurt Cobain lived in a nearby town, etc..) I’ve always thought of Olympia as rainy and dull and I couldn’t wait to graduate from high school so I could leave. Anyways, once I get over the connection, I love the website!:) These French colored pencils and this little wooded post card are two of my favorites.


  1. Well, that is also the site that Queen Bee sells their bags from. So I like it too.

    Based on how you described that area (and my own personal experiences) it is really no wonder Kurt Cobain was from that area either.

  2. I can’t remember, but Neko Case did a song about either Olympia or Tacoma… I always got the two cities confused. Anyway, whichever of the two the song was about is her hometown.

  3. funny! I love, but I’ve never actually stopped in Olympia. However, just last weekend I was on a Pac. NW trip through Washington and B.C., and got all excited at passing the S-K highway exits, and at driving through Aberdeen. Oooooh how I love Sleater-Kinney and Nirvana! I think that dates me now, how sad.
    Also, I was driving with my dad, so I don’t think he appreciated the 90s indie rock references so much.

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