belted cardigan


I went to the Gap recently after an unsuccessful trip to J. Crew and I came out with 5 fabulous wardrobe pieces for less than $140. I felt so relieved after months of unsuccessful shopping trips. One of my favorite items was this cardigan I bought in black. I should probably go back and buy it in more colors. I do wish the sleeves were longer unbuttoned but I can’t have everything, can I?


  1. i was in j crew this weekend and was really unimpressed. i loved their stuff last fall, but not so much right now. last week i did have a great shopping experience, though, at the banana republic outlet in woodburn. i got two pairs of shorts, which fit perfectly (!!!) and three shirts for $105. it’s about 45 min away, but it’s worth it. the calvin klein outlet store had some good stuff too!

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