a greenhouse


I have two distinct memories where I felt complete job satisfaction (I have more but most of those involve self-employment). The first, is me in a petite glass house on Mackinac Island removing dead blossoms off of geraniums while it rained outside. The second is the same scenario except I was in a big greenhouse outside the city. Greenhouse  + rain = heaven. I love these greenhouse images by Joyce Lee taken for La Garconne.


  1. ah! I have incredible memories of working in a glasshouse as well! I wasn’t a gardener, but the office manager for the nonprofit Friends organization that helped keep the victorian glasshouse running. I had a little room tucked at the back. It was always warm and cozy there, and I think gardeners have the sweetest souls on earth.

  2. OK – Mackinac Island looks amazing! You have given me 2 vacation ideas in the last few days! Any more charming places to recommend?

  3. It’s funny, in my family we all have a tendency to dead-head flowers wherever we go. There is something so satisfying about it. I have to physically restrain myself from attacking other people’s plants.

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