toast house and home



Each time I open up the Toast catalog, I am transported to another world. Today I would like to be living out of doors (in a warm place of course) hanging out in this tent.


  1. Wow! So romantic. Thank you for introducing that brand.

    I want to see more. Unfortunately right now the servers of Toast are being upgraded; so I have to delay my contemplative pleasures until tomorrow morning.

  2. Oh, I am so looking forward to summer and camping. If only I could justify those exorbitant shipping costs and buy a few lovelies from Toast….

  3. Well, if I was allowed to bring this many things camping, I might have a chance to look beautiful camping too. But apparently you’re not supposed to look beautiful quadding and camping and having fires, so why even try? Next time I’m being a rebel and packing a mirror and my makeup.

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