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In case you are new to this site, here’s a small summary of little lovelies that I like to dote on. Some I have met in real life and other things I just dream of.

Clothing: The English Dept, Eliza Gran, Tucker

Bicycles: Jorg & Olif

Polaroids: Ali’s , Jen’s, and Maditi’s

Lettterpress: Black Pearl Press, Bird and Banner, Linda and Harriet, Dutch Door Press

Tunes: The Finches, Norfolk and Western, Laura Gibson

Fabrics: Liberty of London

Flowers: Rose and Radish

Interiors: Rita Konig, Genifer Goodman

Blogs: All of them, but I can’t live without Oh Happy Day!

I also like to throw parties (my favorite), take polaroids, and arrange flowers.

I am sure I have forgotten someone or something, see the sidelines for more.


  1. These are great, especially the letterpress! And that leads me to my question – I want to have some custom-sized (2 1/16 x 2 7/8, or a little smaller) calling cards printed. I want that size to go into my grandmother’s card case, where some of her cards still live. I’d like to find something fairly cute and not wildly expensive. Crane has something that fits, but is a little boring. If anyone has any ideas of where to go, please post and you will earn my eternal gratitude!

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