method sweet water

I love the Sweet Water fragrance for the Method hand soap. It is almost exactly like a Victoria’s Secret perfume I had 15 years ago (back when Victoria’s was an incredibly gorgeous store and they actually had really great fragrances).


  1. Me too! It smells like violets, which is a hard scent to match. I was sad to see that Target stopped carrying the Sweet Water laundry detergent- it was my favorite.

  2. count me in for the “me toos”. it’s my favorite. i have it at the kitchen sink, and in the powder room. although we get the foaming pump 🙂

  3. I gave a bottle of this to everyone on my Xmas list a few years ago when I discovered it! I also saw yesterday that they carry it in my local grocery store too! The cleaning spray is great tooas well, as were the dryer sheets (which I see are no longer at my Target)

  4. i just bought this on Friday, as I couldn’t find my usual Ecover hand soap… what a great find, I love the scent. Bet I can’t get this again once it’s all gone though!!

  5. Yes this smells nice. How come victorias secret has gone skanky? I remeber when it was a classy place to but underwear.

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