Guest Blogger Melissa: Hello from Ruby Press!

Hi!  My name is Melissa Davis and I’m tickled to be guest blogging this week here at {frolic!}.  A bit about me- I own a boutique PR agency called Ruby Press in Northern California.  Berkeley to be exact.


We work with style-related companies which can range from fashion designers to restaurants to spas.  Some of my criteria when considering potential clients: Do I love it?  Would I write about it as an editor?



Which leads me to my background…I was a fashion editor in New York (at Harper’s Bazaar and Mademoiselle) for 8 years before moving to California in 2000.  I moved to California for a job as the fashion director of a website that folded two weeks after my arrival.  I didn’t know anyone here and it was just me and my dog- and a huge rent.  I ended up working for Lucky magazine as their San Francisco editor and for a local city magazine called 7×7 as their fashion editor.

I started Ruby Press one year after my arrival on the west coast.  I kept meeting really interesting designers and people starting their own businesses and wanted to help spread the word about them to the national press.  The company started as just me, and at first, I only worked with companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In these past 7 years, we’ve grown to work with clients all over the globe (we had an Australian client for a few years- you can’t get much further than that!), and we’re now an office of 5 people. 

Over this next week, I’ll tell you more about myself, our clients and what I’m excited about right now.  Thanks for joining me!  xx


  1. Thanks “Pink Wallpaper” and Caroline!! 😉 And I wasn’t planning on really writing much about PR, but if you’re interested in that, I certainly can…

  2. Welcome Melissa!! Your job sounds amazing…And you worked for Lucky? Wow. That’s…wow. I love Lucky! That would be my dream job, working for magazine like you have. I can’t wait to read more about you and your interests! I’d love to know more about your PR (or is it RP? :)company too.

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