Guest Blogger Melissa: Thalia Jewelry

Another one of our jewelry clients is Thalia Jewelry, designed by Rachel Clinnick.  Her line is 18k to 23k gold, and uses stones like rose cut diamonds, with which I must admit, I am a tad obsessed.

The collection is inspired by Byzantine and Etruscan art as well as antique jewelry, which she collected as a child.  (Lucky girl, her mother was an accomplished antique dealer.)

I think her rings are just insanely gorgeous, and you can find them at stores like Swallowtail and Sarlo Wick in San Francisco.  (Or to order directly, you can call the number on the website.)




{photos courtesy of Thalia Jewelry}


  1. She is really a great illustrator, and of course she created for herself a great site too. Her designs are just so real and reliable, that’s great!
    Thanks for the referral!

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