1. There is just something classic about it. I envision a coastal town where you don’t have to drive it much, which I guess helps keep it from being super bad 🙂 But I adore that row boat.

  2. That’s what biodiesel is for, so we can drive cool old cars and not feel guilty. Plus these older ones are supposed to much easier to convert.

    That boat belongs in the same town as my snowshoes. I dream about winters tromping out to the middle of town to the ice rink. So fun! I think this means we both need to go to the other Portland, in Maine.

  3. These don’t have Diesel engines so I don’t think BioDiesel will work. I’ve talked to a few people about that and they didn’t think they could be converted or anything. If anyone has ideas about how I can greenify a car like this, let me know:)!

  4. We had this sweet Wagoneer growing up. At the time I hated it and the wood panel on the side. Now I would kill for one, and the boat would definitely be an added bonus!

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