spring flowers at jane packer



Perusing Jane Packer’s website (British version) always puts a smile on my face. I spent two lovely days at her flower school in London several years ago so she has a special place in my heart. In the top picture you see  "Cheerful" Narcissus whose fragrance I love. Mimosa (2nd picture- with tulips), is one of my favorite spring-time flowers that often gets ignored.  And, I still love these charming, rose-filled hatboxes she’s marketing.


  1. hello
    I heart jane’s window display and style, i was one of her student sevrial years ago , I ador the way they arrange the flowers, and the window display OMG it always has a statement in a way you never thought it would be told by flowers….(Ahhh)
    I traveled half the world to just make it to here career course and it was worth it:)
    thank you for this lovely post it really bring out lovely memories
    Reem from Qatar

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