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Six months ago, when Chelsea first asked me to write some things for the week, we were all set to get married in Maine and that was that. Well then. We are now getting married in Vermont, just over the Green Mountains from where we met, and we are so excited!

When researching the Maine property I came across a truly spectacular property on Flickr, but it might as well have been in North Dakota because it never occurred to me that it was perfect. And it turns out it’s beyond perfect.

So now we will be married at Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont. Don’t worry, Stacey Kane is still coming! Courtney and Liz own and run the property and they are awesome, fantabulous girls. Since there are always weird connections in my life I should tell you that it turns out Courtney’s mom talked with me for a while during a studio event a week before Z proposed, and had told me about her daughter owning an excellent property in Vermont.

Our flower lady, Trish, is also awesome. So is Connie, who will be in charge of the pig and all of the delicious food. Dave the music man is a star (and wears cool sneakers). All in all, awesome all around. I have finally printed the save the dates and will try to take a picture of them if you’d like to see them.

photos are by Cronin Hill Photography


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