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that’s one of my favorite invites above.

So Shannon tagged me, here we go:

1. With the exception of berries, vichyssoise, and ice cream, I won’t eat anything that isn’t hot.

2. NPR is the soundtrack to my day, from the moment I wake up to the time I leave my studio. Very often I’ll hear a repeat of a morning show at night, which is just fine by me.

3. I am notorious for being, ahem, vocal about politics and the sad state of this country. I recently saw a bumper sticker that said “If you aren’t outraged, you’re not paying attention”. Well put.

4. While most of my grade school friends were doing cool stuff that cool people do at that age, I was at the opera. I’ve seen almost 20, some twice thanks to my parents being nuts about the performing arts and having had a box at the Met. Every year during the annual run of Hansel and Gretel the Opera Club had a gingerbread house. It was saved for me every year, which was enough for me to think the opera was awesome. That plus the red velvet walls and chandeliers.

5. Since starting black pearl press and designing for letterpress I have had trouble designing anything in more than two colors + white, even when I’ve had the opportunity to do otherwise.

6. I don’t know how to drive, and between you and me I’d be content never learning were it not for the Mini Cooper. I do have a New York learner’s permit that I use as my ID and is set to expire in September. According to the woman at the DMV, mine was the only learner’s permit she’d ever renewed.

7. I have had a manicure and pedicure once in my life and that was enough for me.

Instead of tagging a whole slew of other people I will instead name 7 people that I would tag if they had blogs or were alive:

Alice Waters, Cecil Beaton, Graydon Carter, Benjamin Franklin, George Plimpton, Beulah Switzler (my grandmother), and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


  1. I haven’t had time to comment this week – but I just had to say Well Done! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts! Have a great weekend.

  2. Just came across your fantastic blog. Only recently got my own drivers license (at age 32 and never lived in a major city!)…and the Mini Cooper is what won me over, too!

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