farewell to the finches


Are you weary of me blathering on again about how much I like The Finches? I can’t quite convince anyone to love this little band as much as I do. While I was in a state of bliss at their concert last year, my friends all nodded off to sleep. I periodically check their site to see when they’ll return to Portland. When I did that yesterday, I found out that The Finches are no more! Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs has a new project called PALMS. I’m feeling very grumpy about it. At least I can savor their music on CD and Vinyl and maybe I’ll eventually get used to the new stuff. We’ll see.


  1. isn’t it terrible when you can’t convince others to love “your” band as much as YOU do??? i’m that way with the Counting Crows. luckily, though, they’re already big, so i don’t have to worry about them “blowing up” and “becoming huge and forgetting us little folks”…haha. they were already that way when i found out about them. 😛

    but, it sucks even worse when a band you love breaks up 🙁 sorry. hopefully you’ll learn to love the new stuff just as much.

  2. This is very sad news! There’s nothing more tragic when one of your favorite bands decides to stop making music together! Hopefully their solo work is just as nice.

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