lili diallo’s house: not too lovely




One of my favorite parts of the new Domino is the house of stylist Lili Diallo. It reminds me of a quote from Rita Konig that I recently came across in an old Victoria magazine where she talks about her decorating approach.

Don’t make everything lovely. There has to be some reprieve-that bad picture, that dodgy lamp.

That makes you feel better about your house, huh? I know it did mine (though it’s not just for excuses, I think it’s a great design philosophy). That quote along with Domino’s manifesto in which it says, It’s ok to NOT BE finished, was reassuring. Nothing about Lili’s house is contrived and it’s colorful, but livable. I like real houses, just like I like real people.


  1. THAT’S what I was going to buy last night…a Domino mag! Darn. I forgot until now. Tonight I’ll buy it. I know, sometime I feel pressure to keep the house perfect and make it look clean and modern. But it’s good to take a step back and realize that not-so-perfect it often perfect.

  2. I had the same thought as I was looking through that article. Her home looks loved and lived in, and it was totally inspiring. Most of the time the homes in Domino are much too perfect, it stresses me out!

  3. I love the couch with the photos. Have you seen the commercial where Anna Kournikova takes photos of her little white dog and then puts them in different frame above the couch. I think you would like that living room as wel.

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