cubicle makeover


I loved this little cubicle makeover that was included in an article about being happy at work, in the latest Body and Soul magazine. I recently (almost 2 years now) made the transition from flower girl with her own business to number crunching corporate girl. Luckily I found a company that believes in work/life balance (we even have a nap room!). Here’s a few lovelies I have at my desk to make each work day a bit prettier.

*fresh flowers
*metremade free downloadable wallpaper
*diana fayt calendar
*marimekko notepad in lime green
*sukie sticky notes
*a few of my polaroids


  1. I love the green as well! I just bought myself some Russel & Hazel items for my desk as well as some organizing file boxes from CB2 and pencil cups from PB and it made such a huge difference to my small corporate working area.

  2. i love this! i absolutely agree that a workspace has to be inspiring and feel like yourself. i put up lots of photos of my family and also postcards and photos i just really like. xo

  3. *le sigh* unfortunately, i can’t really personalize my workspace. it’s a shared area (front desk – so there is a list of girls who cover it for me for an hour and a half every day), plus the guard who sits here at night squicks me out. i’m hesitant to bring my own cutesy supplies, because then everyone else will use them and/or they will go missing. hmph.

    i DO personalize my pc desktop, though. it’s something, at least.

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