CB Perfumes

I found myself at  Mimi and Lena’s over the weekend. They’ve got some great collections for both everyday wear and bridal. What I was drawn to though, were these perfumes by Christopher Brosius. These are not your traditional fragrances. In fact, his website URL includes the phrase, I Hate Perfume! he does not use any alcohol and each scent is based on random experiences like, Winter 1972 and Gathering Apples!




  1. Hey Chelsea! Found you through d*s…loved the look of your blog and then to find out you’re in one of my favorite cities! Coming down on thursday with friends that I’m trying to convince to move there. Some of your features will be SO helpful!

    I’ll be back 🙂

  2. M#2 Black March is my favorite CB scent. its notes include mossy earth, wet twigs, and rain drops. Bonfire is also delicious. i use cedarwood to protect my sweaters. his scents are amazing!

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