A White Christmas

After we finished with all the gifts on Christmas, I opened up the curtains to find snow falling! The first white Christmas in something like 70 years for Portland. My nephew and I ran outside right away to take advantage of the snow since it was only around for a few hours.

P.S. I’ll be back next week for real. Happy Weekend!



  1. yay for snow on Christmas! I was in Idaho, where there was feet of snow.

    {nice to see a picture of you on your site, yay for getting more personal!}

  2. It was magically insane, wasn’t it? We were up and making breakfast and it just started to rain down these big fatty flakes, we’re in southwest at like 600, maybe 650 feet so it was awesome to join in — I’d heard only the hills/metro would get it.

    I remember there being snow on the ground for a few Christmases, back when I was like 8 and 10, but I don’t ever remember a white, snow-falling-on-the-day-of Christmas. It was just one more reason this years was one of the best yet — I hope you and yours had a lovely holiday!

  3. i keep hoping for a white christmas (you’d think living in boston would guarantee it!), so i’m glad that yours was snowy. there’s nothing like the silence of falling snow, especially around the holidays. lovely!

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