I am obsessed with candles, especially during the winter months. But, I am super snobby about their fragrance. Diptyque and Cote Bastide are my favorite lines. I am all out of candles at the moment so I’ve been thinking about picking up one of these, but I have to budget it in, cause they are kind of pricey.



  1. mmm, how i love candles! i really like voluspa’s capri fig frangipani, which i bought last summer. it’s so true, you do have to budget them in, though! but they’re completely worth the extra expense. i’ll have to keep an eye out for cote bastide, i haven’t seen that in stores yet…

  2. Oh, I’m generally not a scented candle person but Diptyque definitely has some delicious smelling ones out there. I’ve also found that Pacifica has some lovely scents and they’re a bit more budget friendly.

  3. Yes, Pacifica is great. I love that all their candles are made from soy. I used to have their lilac candle. I am not a huge fan of their packaging, though.

  4. Dear Frolic,
    I confirm that Dyptique & Côté Bastide are the best French perfumed candles ! I am French, living in Paris, and I very often have a look at your blog. I like the way you love simple things. Thanks to you, I have discovered many Internet sites.
    See you !

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