{st. lucia day}

St. Lucia Day was yesterday! I missed it again. Not that I am Swedish or anything, I just think it would be fun to celebrate and make yummy Swedish food.

image from sweden.se



  1. My husband John is Swedish – and all 12 nieces and nephews were here last weekend and sang the Santa Lucia song – sooo sweet!

  2. chick sure is brave for wearing LIT CANDLES (and metal!) on her head….dang.

    i think it would be fun to celebrate that next year…just minus the ACTUAL LIT CANDLES ON THE HEAD part. 🙂

  3. I’m Swedish and for me Lucia is the start of christmas… This weekend I went to the largest luciaconcert in Sweden, about 1 200 children are singing and they all sound like and look like little angels – it’s wonderful!

  4. Oh my- that mention totally shot me back in time! In 8th grade for my spanish class- why?- I don’t know!- I dressed up as Santa Lucia and had a lovely wreath crown with candles, and did a report on the holiday! What fun, esp. since my ancestors are Swedish!

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