{scottish j crew}

I am thinking it is pretty lame that I post about J Crew practically every season, but I just couldn’t help myself, I love the whole Scottish theme they have going on for the holidays. I love the opening little slide show on their site.



  1. Hi! I adore your blog! I second that on the scottish jcrew line. I think it is so so beautiful. It makes me want to take a winter holiday to the highlands. *insert dreamy sigh here*. Coincidentally, I am trying to land a holiday job there right now.

  2. it’s totally not lame. I must be lame too. because I post about them each season, sometimes once a month, sometimes twice. I can’t help myself. the imagery is just so fabulous.

    hoorah to their marketing team.

  3. Golly, I love! JCrew, I wonder sometimes how that look would translate onto a New York street, or in my case, an Atlanta car…not so much, I would feel kinda silly, but darned if I don’t pour over every single page in that catalogue and dream I own everything…

  4. I don’t know if they are at all affiliated but I received a catalog from Boden USA which is similar to J. Crew’s style.

    I love J. Crew, and the best thing is they keep increasing my limit on my J. Crew card…love them!

  5. lucky lucky me! I work at J.Crew part time and belive me my entire paycheck goes right back into the store every week! This season the clothing is amazing … i have that cardigan and dress already!

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