{holiday job}

I am super excited. I got a part-time gig at Anthropologie for the Holidays. Hooray! More retail discounts for me. I love love love being involved in brick and mortar stores and being back close to the products and customers as opposed to the office. Most of all, I am excited to be surrounded by such lovelies a few days a week.

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  1. I tried doing that, but I couldn’t handle a 9-5 then 6-10 work day. plus the time off during the holidays is impossible!
    but hooray for Anthropologie! I’m actually jealous of this one. I can’t help but stop in there on my way home…it’s just so tempting.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed it when I worked at Pottery Barn…not for Pottery Barn, but for William Sonoma discounts…Yay! Given that you will be surrounded by super cute things, definitely more fun.

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