I can’t take the madness anymore. My magazine piles are driving me crazy. I am determined to buy a bookshelf and create an organizing system tonight. I like this bookshelf from Ikea, but it might be a little bulky for my space. Is there such thing as a Plexiglas bookshelf out there? I like the idea of a modern piece that sort of disappears.



  1. Find the Fred Flare photostream on Flickr — they have the coolest acrylic shelving you’ve never seen. I have no idea where to find it though. And I will email you this afternoon!

  2. I have that IKEA shelf in black and while I love the way it looks it isn’t the largest shelf and might not be perfect for a lot of magazines.

  3. All the plexiglass or acrylic shelves I have seen have been a bit spendy, but I know what you mean about tight space.

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