I am a toy snob (I have no kids, but that doesn’t matter, in fact maybe that is why I still am snobbish about this stuff). I am head over heels in love with Moolka.com, a European toy source that Design Mom posted about today. There is a lot on there to love, but these aprons are just too good to be true!!



  1. Cute, really cute, I am also a “snob” my boyfriend calls me a looking snob, I am a snob about what I look at! Ha, that is a nice way of saying I am a snob, but I totally feel you there.

  2. Great find! I am married to an architect, and he will be a definite toy snob when that day arrives. I’ll have to file that away for the (distant) future.

  3. Hello,

    I just launched a new blog for toy snobs, like myself. I have a B.S. in Human Development and an emphasis in Early Childhood, so I am super picky. I love moolka, too. Check out my blog soon for toy reviews and developmental articles! Thanks!

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