Vacation was perfect! All that sea air has me feeling quite refreshed.  I  found lots of inspiration for you that I hope to share over the next week or so. Here are some of my favorites things about the trip:

+Discovering the charming villages of Wiscasset and Blue Hill.

+Kayaking and canoing on Penobscot Bay.

+Going to sleep every night in an attic bedroom with a view of the bay.

+Learning how to cook lobster and eating it on a screened-in porch.

+Touring the house from this famous painting by Andrew Wyeth.

+Finally seeing Camden and hiking to the top of a little mountain for an incredible view.

+Finding out about Maine's cheapity-cheap real estate prices and having daily discussions about moving there to run the cutest general store that is for sale in the town of Owl's Head.

+Eating lots of pie, I didn't realize Mainers took their pie so seriously!


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