I needed a little pick-me-up last night, so I stopped at Anthropologie on my way home. I don’t need to buy anything. Sometimes I like to go, just to soak everything in and gather up inspirations. I fell in love with a Polaroid display and also with this Sophie Conran tea set. Also, I have to laugh every time I see these towels there because my grandmother has a set that is IDENTICAL, in the exact green and mustard hues. There are a thousand things there that always look like that could come from a grandma’s house, but it is rare that I find something that actually does.

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  1. so, Anthropologie is one thing I was waiting to do in Portland. I was waiting, maybe party because I didn’t want the temptation to buy, or maybe, like you, for sometime when I needed a pick me up. today, I strolled in there while on my way home. I almost missed the polaroid display because I was so busy looking at the linens and aprons. I loved the cherry pictures.

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