{wedding tip 2: aisle runners}


I started writing little wedding tips a bit ago but never kept up with it. I’d like to start again.

Over the years I’ve learned the importance of aisle runners. If you are getting married inside, in a church, or a place with a floor, 9 times out of 10 it will be worth it to add an aisle runner. Your event will look tidier and more put together. A simple cotton runner from a rental company will cost you $50+. Most event companies will create a custom runner in your colors in silk, linen, burlap, or canvas. They’ll secure it to the floor for you to prevent any slipping. You will spend a lot less on a dramatic aisle runner and a few large flower pieces than you will trying to cover your entire church in flowers. Here are a couple of pictures from my inspiration binder, both are from old issues of MS Weddings. Karen Bussen also has a couple of great examples in her book, Simple Stunning Weddings.


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