{pretty french wedding}

I can’t tell you how much I love this very simple wedding that was held at a cathedral in southern France. I ran across it in an old issue of MS Weddings yesterday. The bride, Sophie is a textile designer, she used her personal collection of linens for the table settings. She picked her bouquet of poppies the morning of the wedding and designed and silk-screened the invitations herself.



  1. hi! love your blog! my first comment ever:

    does it list sophie’s last name in the article? it would be fun to google her and see where she’s at with her textiles…

  2. Jolene: Her full name is Sophie Mathoulin. It said she worked at a wallpaper company in NYC.

    Renee:It is in MS Weddings, Fall 2003 on page 252.

    Glad you all like it!

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