{guest blogger ansley: tord boontje}

I have seen some of his work before but it still seems magical.  Apparently he designed a Christmas collection for Target last year which I somehow missed.  I’m sure that was the only way I could ever afford anything, but I can still dream.  I love these place settings.



Cups  Plate_blue


  1. I stumbled on him a couple years ago on the web and fell in love with his cut-out curtain panels and metallic flower light fixture, but I didn’t know he designed for Target. I gotta get on that — thank you!

  2. I treated mytself to a little red bowl just a couple of weeks ago. It’s so cherry. I always make the same mistake by calling him Todd, but I think it is Tord?

  3. Sarah, thanks, I updated his name, at least it was right in the link so that it actually worked. I’m so jealous about your bowl, enjoy it!

  4. Anthropologie carried his Table Stories line. I managed to snag some plates (to complete my wedding set) at 75% off last August. The glassware is also amazing.

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