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Throughout the years, I consider moving. While thinking about leaving friends and family makes me a little sad, the thought of leaving my hair stylist and my colorist sends me into a near panic induced inertia. My longest relationships have been with them both (they can be found at Jeff’s salon in Vancouver, WA called J Michael Salon). Tina has done the subtle, traditional hair color to the current, not-so-subtle highlights in my hair. Just when I decided I would return to my natural ways, I began to see the light of the gray in my hair. There went that idea.

I love the vibrant color in The Fifth Element and Franka Potente‘s hair in Run Lola Run that was then copied by my favorite television spy. Being a banker, I can’t do full color, but I can do highlights. And you can too with the fashion colors of elumen by Goldwell. The only downside (or upside, if you have ever been sad by how quickly red color fades) – the color doesn’t fade. At all. The only way to get rid of it is to color over it with a darker color or cut it off. It takes time to do, but when it is done, I am good to go for another 6 months….well, except for the touch ups for gray…




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