{guest bloggers sara & jaime: Queen Bee}

I got really excited a while ago when I noticed an advert on the GFY blog for Portland’s very own Queen Bee Creations.  They can be found at various retailers across the country.  If you are in Portland, or come visit Portland, you can visit their studio and buy some discounted and one of a kind pieces.  Both Jaime and I own a few of these bags and love them.  Jaime owns a brown and pink version of the "45" record bag.  The cool thing is that you can mix it up and change out the record with anything you want. 






  1. I almost posted these a few weeks ago when I guested but I thought, “No these are too Jaime and Sara.” And they are. I think of you two whenever I see them. And I’m jealous you have access to the studio.

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