I keep walking by this shoe store on NE Broadway in Portland and drooling over their selection. Most of their shoes are from Italy and Spain. Here are a few pairs I would buy if my height and my pocketbook were of no consideration.

Cyd20hook_2  Chie_omari Chie_rene Cv_miller


  1. so apparently, I’m moving from the city with nothing cool, to the city that’ll leave my pocketbook feeling a little empty.
    great shoes!

  2. I took my mom there a couple years ago to buy a pair of metallic turquoise (more muted and aged turquoise) cydwoq’s and she loves them. She gets compliments on them all the time. I live out my shoe fantasy through my mom. She can afford them!

    The thing about cydwoq’s is that they are never “in” so they can never be “out”. They manage to live above the trends.

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