{guest blogger elisabeth: a maine wedding}


I’m having some trouble writing about our wedding because it’s essentially all in my head. This is a good exercise though (thanks, Chelsea!) Here is what we’ve come up with so far, off the top of my head:

pigroast / bluegrass band / Lunasa’s Inion Ni Scannlain for my walk down the aisle / long tables, family style / seasonal, local produce and flowers / galvanized tin tubs at each table for wine and beer and lemonade / strawberry shortcake / mojitoes / z will likely play some sort of song with his dad and brothers / seersucker for the boys / painted chuck taylors and a bowtie for z / loads of fairy lights for the barn / not too much in the way of decoration because it’s beautiful as it is

I think I’ll stop there. I have a few photos that I will share in other posts.

Left photo from Seasons Downeast Designs in Rockport, Maine; right photo from the barn site.


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