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Mid-summer is about the time that I start thinking about how much I’m looking forward to fall and winter and the holidays. A few years ago my family spent Christmas at the Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont. It is an incredibly cozy and welcoming place, and if we weren’t getting married on the Maine coast in summertime we’d do the opposite: a small gathering just over the mountains from Middlebury, at the inn in January. The interior of the inn is amazing: every room so cleverly designed around a theme relevant to the area. My mom, brother and I bunked up in the Mountain Room, and the picture you see here is taken from inside the room but outside of the cabin that is in the room, housing the bed and painted murals of the Green Mountains. There is a cabin inside the room. Can you picture it?

Now if you were to be married in wintertime at the Pitcher Inn or anywhere else in Vermont for that matter, you’d need a cake to suit the setting. This cake was designed by artist Will Cotton for the New York Times Magazine, and appeared on January 16, 2005. Of course I clipped it.


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