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I grew up on John Hughes movies and then graduated to Cameron Crowe movies.  These movies and their soundtracks were like love letters written to concerts and music.  When I was in college, my boyfriend and my roommate both worked at music stores.  They gave me all the album covers and band posters I could want.  While I have gotten a bit too refined/old for door-sized band posters stuck to my wall or ceiling with plasti-tack, I still love the idea of collecting concert posters.  This site, gigposters.com, let’s you search by artist, city, or even venue for concert posters that could double as art (only hitch is, they don’t sell them, you have to search eBay or elsewhere for that).  I would love a collection of these in a home office.  I can’t decide if I would frame them in simple IKEA frames or in something much more ornate as a juxtaposition to the poster itself.





  1. I know exactly what you mean about growing up on John Hughes and then Cameron Crowe movies! When Lloyd holds the ghetto blaster over his head and ‘In Your Eyes’ pumps out, well that is a part of movie magic! I love gig posters nowadays. Definitely art pieces!

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