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In case you hadn’t figured it out, let me tell you, I like to travel.  I also like to buy souvenirs.  Just like the French word it comes from, they help me remember the trip.  But I really don’t like the typical plastic keychain, spoon, shot glass type of souvenir.  I have a charm bracelet so I often buy a charm. I also like to buy other types of jewelry so that I can use what I buy.  Plus I love it when people compliment my earrings and I get to say, "Oh thanks, they’re from Rome."

I’m going to try something new for my travels as a nurse.  I am going to buy art.  I love the look of a home with eclectic art almost like a gallery where the pieces don’t have to match.  So I hope buying art all over the country will help me achieve non-boring walls.

When I was in Charleston visiting family in June, I found what I thought I would buy when I went back there, at the Spoleto Festival.  But my super-cute Dad bought it for me for my birthday (a bit early).

Bees and Chickadees, a woodcut by Kent Ambler


  1. The top three things I buy as souvenirs on my travels:
    – art
    – jewelry (idea stolen from Ansley a few years ago that I LOVE).
    – clothes. I don’t really like walking down the street and seeing other people wearing my shoes or clothes. Plus, I do enjoy when people ask where I bought a skirt or a pair of shoes and I can say, “thanks, I bought them in…”(fill in the city of choice).

  2. A friend of mine collected miniature paintings (about 5X7) from all of the places she traveled and hung them on the wall in a collage. I love it!

  3. Love the art idea. My parents’ house has a split-level entryway with that huge bare wall right as you walk in. My mom has covered it with art from her travels and many visitors comment on how fun it is to look at the hodge-podge of different styles.

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